Top Tips to get Noticed on a Submithub Playlister

With just about two weeks left to take advantage of our special SubmitHub offer – if you don’t know what we’re talking about, read here – we thought we’d dive in a bit deeper into the world of SubmitHub and find out how you can get noticed by the blogs and playlists you submit to.

We sat down with Holger Christoph who runs taste-making blog and playlist brand Songpickr, where he curates playlists with music that he loves, all of which is 100% independent. Holger describes his motivation for his work as helping listeners find new music and artists because “there is so much good music and talent out there which is often filtered out by traditional media.” Can you relate? We thought so.



Without further ado, here are Holger’s top tips for getting the attention of the playlists, blogs, YouTube channels and labels you submit your music to.


1) Select carefully who you pitch to.

Check out their blog, playlist first and see if your music really would fit in.


2) Don’t spam tastemakers.

Send one track at a time and see how they respond. Don’t submit your whole EP or album.


3) Select “20 seconds with feedback” instead of “90 seconds without feedback”.

Sure, you can increase guaranteed listening time from 20s to 90s but most bloggers listen to 90s or longer on average anyway and you really want to get a feedback an know what they like and what they don’t like about your music.


4) Include a short text and references but be on point.

Tastemakers get a lot of submissions and don’t like to read long texts but will watch out for keywords which fit their curation and brands.


5) If your submissions gets approved…

and a tastemaker features your song, make sure you share his or her playlist, blog via your socials. It’s a give and take, and like you want to grow your fanbase, they also want to grow their reach which then also profits the featured artists.


There you have it, tips from someone who really knows what he’s talking about. Check out Songpickr’s site, Facebook and Twitter, and check out their numerous playlists on Spotify to see if your music would suit to submit your tracks for consideration.

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