5 tips for band practice

Before you take to the stage to impress and entertain a crowd, you’re going to need to practice. If that comes as news to you or you’re not convinced then please do go and think very very hard about what your ambitions are. Because when you get together with your fellow band members you want to get it right:

1. Be on time
Pretty straight-forward, nonetheless a big one because a) you won’t upset the other band-members who are on time and b) your band will have more time to practice if everyone sets up around the same time.

2. Realise the commitment you have made
In order to reach those moments of creative bliss musicians strive for you will have to make a lot of compromises in your leisure time and – depending on how far you’re going to take this whole music thing – your whole lifestyle. In other words, the band comes first. You will have to stick religiously to your band’s schedule so you’re always there for gigs, tours and, of course, band practice.

3. Don’t play mind-games during rehearsal time
This is a big one. For some reason mind-games can be very common within bands and often lead to break-up. Mind-games are a particularly nasty brand of passive-aggressiveness mostly caused by the sensitivity of each band member about their own skills and tastes. So make sure you don’t hold back with your opinion if you feel offended. Arguing, even to the point of yelling at each other, is better than instead poisoning the atmosphere by quietly sabotaging the band practice.

4. Be equipped
Ideally, your band should use as much of its own equipment as possible as this will help you find and refine your sound. Since you all have different positions in the band, make sure in advance that you’ve gone through the checklist so everything is in order for when you’re going to rehearse. Also, don’t forget a spare set of strings or drum sticks.

5. Wear ear plugs
Self-explanatory. For more info Google ‘pete townshend ear problems’.