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5 things to remember when writing your bio

While it’s not up there with the ability to make music or be an amazing performer when it comes to being successful, having a good biography that spells out in words who you are and what you’re all about is essential for all unsigned artists. So it’s surprising how many don’t give it as much attention as it deserves.

As well as how you sound and how you look, the first words that people read about you are a critical part of the initial impression that will be formed of you. And that’s not only the first impression formed by fans, but also promoters, agents, managers, labels, DJs, you name it, which is why it’s so important that you make sure it’s good and does its job, which is to make everyone realise just how amazing you are. So here are some things to bear in mind.

1. Who are you?

At its most basic level a biog explains who exactly you are, so make sure it does. And by this we mean really basic stuff, you know, like your name, what sort of music you make, if you’re a band who everyone in the band is, that sort of stuff. You may want to think that your reputation will precede you, and maybe it will, but don’t rely on that is all we’re saying. Make sure biog explains who you are to someone who for whatever reason has never heard of you before.

2. Keep it simple and concise

You’re not writing a novel, and don’t think that being cryptic and weird in writing equals mysterious and interesting. It doesn’t. It just equals nobody reading your biog beyond the first few words and so not fulfilling its purpose of showing how amazing you are. There are already too many words in the world for anyone to read all of them, they’ll only read yours if they’re interesting and relevant, so make sure they are. And short. If nothing else, keep your biog short.

3. Explain what makes you different

Everyone who reads your biog will have already read lots of words on artists and bands so yours need to make it very clear why you are special and different to all those other artists and bands. Just as your music needs to make people instantly pay attention, so your biog needs to make it clear what’s interesting about you. But as mentioned in the previous point, that doesn’t mean being all strange and convoluted. Just be honest and clear about what you’re doing and why you believe in it.

4. Make it available online

You will need to send your biog to all sorts of people along with your music as you go about the business of getting your music out there, but make sure it’s available for people who seek you out. Whether it’s on your Facebook page, your own website if you have one, wherever, just make sure it’s available online and easy to find.

5. Include links to all your online profiles

And by the same token, make sure your biog has links to all your profiles – every single one. Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube whatever, put them all there at the end of your biog so anyone reading it knows exactly where they should go to find, hear and see more about you.

Happy writing, and don’t forget to keep it short!