5 Things to remember when promoting your gigs

Even in this digital age live performance is still the life blood of any musician worth their salt.

You generate material, become a tighter live unit. develop a fanbase and can make good money. But live performance is only worth it if you have people to perform in front of, otherwise you may as well be playing in in your kitchen.

1. Stage time

When organising your gig make sure you have a stage time that factors in all possible things that might prevent people from coming. It needs to be just right. You need to be offstage before public transport stops so that people can get home, unless of course you are from LA, we don’t know how you ever get anywhere. If people have work the next day they may not want to be up to all hours partying, so perhaps an earlier stage time for week days. When listing you stage time you may want to list your stage time as slightly before it’s actually due. People like cutting things fine and this way you’ll be sure even late comers are accounted for.

2. Social Media

The key word when promoting your gigs on social media is ‘grace’, the dictionary definition of this is an economy of movement. Not too much but enough that people know. On Facebook a few times a week will probably be sufficient. On twitter you can afford to notify more frequently as less people will see it and people for some reason have more patience with frequent posting on twitter.

3. Posters / Flyering

Underused in the the modern age, posters and flyering can still have a very positive effect. Even if people who see you posters of get flyered don’t make it to the show it’s still very helpful to make it into peoples consciousness in this way. More people being aware of your show can only be a good ting, if not for this gig then the next.

4. Guides

Make sure you tell you local event guides, newspapers and music magazines about your gig and ask them to list it. This goes for music blogs as well. It’s there job to list events but they might not know about it unless you tell them with lots of time to spare.

5. Local radio

Local radio stations will be a lot more receptive than you think. Let them know you are performing a show locally and see if you can get on to plug it on one of their shows. They might even let you do a live performance. This is a very under-pursued avenue and if you can make use of it you will surely reap the benefits.