As an artist or band in the modern time your online profile has never been so important. Whatever you think of the internet, however much you love tradition, if you feel very strongly that Led Zepplin didn’t have an online profile so you don’t need one either. Actually, you very do! 


1. YouTube

The thing to remember with youtube as with all of these forms of social media, quality not quantity. Maybe you have some friends who want to get into film and could record you a quality yet inexpensive video, perhaps they could capture the energy and excitement of a raw live performance. A variety of things to choose from, a well presented page and links on your videos to your other videos are all good ideas to keep people hooked on your music.


2. SoundCloud

This is a good place to keep things moving. Whereas the selection of videos you have on youtube will be fairly static, the simplicity of SoundCloud offers the opportunity to keep rotating the material you make available to the public, to get feedback on new material and to post teaser clips for upcoming releases. If managed correctly SoundCloud can be a very interesting way to build hype and amass a fanbase.


3. Twitter

The key to make your twitter profile success is grace, don’t tweet constantly, don’t completely neglect twitter either. Inform your followers about any releases you are making, any gigs you are playing or any other exciting information that you feel might be relevant. Don’t troll people or have a go at other bands. It never looks good. And please, don’t retweet praise, you’d be amazed how few people want to see it.


4. Facebook

Facebook is to be treated very much the same way as twitter, possibly with more embedded videos. It might be a good idea to link your Facebook and Twitter account to save time. The key with Facebook is to interact, this means responding to fans who message you or write on the wall of your page. You should also have widgets that link your page to your SoundCloud and YouTube page.


5. Website

This should be your central hub on the internet. With links to all your social media pages and links on your social media pages back to your website. Everything should link to each other. This will also be the centre piece that features all of your artwork, that displays the way you have chosen to presented, it’s your chance for you to be visually expressed. The other key thing for your website is a shop or store. This can be your opportunity to make a bit of money and to capitalise on the traffic you have created with social media. You’ll also want well displayed tour dates with well located links for ticket booking.