5 things to consider for a better website

Your website is your opportunity to set out your stall exactly as you want it. It’s where all elements of everything ‘you’ come and meet in the middle. The centre point from which all branches grow. As you can have it be exactly as you please (budget permitting) you may as well think about how it can best serve you as an artist. Here are some good things to keep in your brain box. 

1. Layout

The layout of your website is incredibly important. It should be clean, clear and individual. People will either be going to your website with a specific idea of what they want to find or just to know more about you so you must make everything easy for them to see. Also keep as much as you can hosted within your own site with minimal opportunity to access other websites. You want to keep your clicks. Your artwork on the website should also be consistent with the artwork you have used or will be using on releases you have or will make.

2. Store – Shop

Having a store or shop on your website is a very good idea. Somewhere where people either previously enthusiastic or who are stumbling across you for the first time and like what they see and hear may want to buy a record, t-shirt or some limited edition vinyl you’ve decided to host. Well worth having if you want bring in a little extra money, and cement some extra fans.

 3. Live

Live is the bread and butter for most any artist unless you happen to have been in The Beatles in the late 60’s. You need to give people every opportunity to come and watch you do your thing and having easily viewable dates with working ticket links is highly advisable.


4. Access to music

So what do you do? Music. Right. Where is that then. You would amazed how many musicians today omit their MUSIC from the homepage of their website. It’s what you do, it’s what will draw people in so short of having a big flashing luminous beacon in the centre of the screen saying “OUR MUSIC”, you really can’t do too much.

 5. Personal touch

Today more than ever people want to know the person or people they are listening to. With reality TV and light-entertainment shows like X-Factor and The Voice people feel like they have the right to know who it is they are listening to. Maybe you could sate this with a blog or a personally written bio. Or you can go against the grain and ignore this, and have people marvel at your mystique. You can do whatever you like.