5 things the internet has completely changed for unsigned artists

The internet. It’s amazing isn’t it? Endless videos of cats and the disappearance of grammar before our eyes.

But there are good things too. Especially for musicians. Before the internet a whole lot of things were much harder for artists, but now that’s all changed, things like…

1. Recording music anywhere

Once upon a time, to get songs good enough for release musicians had to go to a professional studio. No need anymore. Now not only can you produce top notch recordings on any device at no cost with the likes of Garageband, but you don’t even have to be in the same studio, or even country, as your fellow collaborators. Geography no longer has any bearing on where you can record or who you record with.

2. Music blogs

Before the internet there were a few big name magazines that wrote about music and locally produced fanzines and that was pretty much it. Now not only does every publication under the sun cover music, especially in their digital edition, but there are almost limitless music blogs covering every conceivable genre and music interest. And if there isn’t, you can start one. NME and Rolling Stone know their stuff but they’re no longer the only people writing interesting things about music.

3. Music videos everywhere

Forget music videos only being available on a few channels or TV shows, anyone can make a music video now for everyone to see anywhere. And all for nothing as well. Great news for budding directors as well as budding musicians. One of the single best ways of showcasing your music and giving people an unbelievably simple option for exploring your music. What are you waiting for?

4. Artists and fans actually making contact

For the whole history of the music industry before the internet artists had little idea who was buying their music or who was coming to their shows and the only way most fans could provide any kind of response was by either buying or not buying, going or not going. Now artists and fans are in an ever richer and deeper relationship with each other. Thank you social media.

5. Spinnup

And the best of all – us! We get your music out to the world and our scouts have a direct line into Universal Music. With Spinnup you learn how to develop your music career, how to get distributed and get discovered. We’re always coming up with new ways to help our scouted artists – for instance, by curating a stage at Hudikkalaset in Sweden this summer Spinnup artists were able to play live to a festival audience. Well done the internet!

So there you have it, better make the most of what you have. Check out Social Media – Decoded.