5 things that the internet hasn’t changed at all for unsigned artists

As we’ve mentioned, the internet has completely changed so many things for the better for unsigned artists. Without the internet you wouldn’t have Spinnup for a start!

But as incredible as the internet and the whole digital world is, don’t forget that whatever happens with technology, for artists and musicians some things never change…

1. Great songs
It’s still all about the music. However technology changes music and how we enjoy it, however it directly inspires and generates ideas for writing music (hello hashtags), what will never change is that the most important thing for an artist is making great music, creating songs that from the very first time you hear them you feel like you’ve always known them.

2. Build your team
Look at any established artist or band and you can bet that they have a core of people around them who they’ve been working with for a long time.  It makes perfect sense – when you’re planning an exciting new project or performing in some far flung corner of the globe you want to be sure that everyone working with you knows what they’re doing and you’re comfortable that they’re the right people to be doing it. But great teams don’t come together by themselves. When you find people who you like and who like working with you, stick with them.

3. Know how to get people to like you
The music industry is and always has been a people industry. Whether it’s building a relationship with a manager, being nice to bloggers, journalists, DJs and other tastemakers or inspiring people around you to go the extra mile to help YOUR career, you need to know how to talk to people, how to communicate your vision so they want to play their part in helping you achieve it. Be yourself and be genuine.

4. Be amazing live
There’s still no substitute for an amazing live performance. That was true before the internet, before even recording was invented, and it always will be. A performance so good that not only do people want to see you again, but next time they’ll bring their friends along with them as well.

5. Look after your fans
The internet offers all kinds of new and very effective ways of building and maintaining contacts with fans, but however you do it, the crucial thing is to respect and look after your fans. Nobody will be a fan of someone they think is an awful person, so never run the risk of coming across as one.

But even with all that, you should still utilise the internet. Go to Social Media – Decoded.