5 things Lady Gaga did that every new artist should learn from

As the unique and inimitable Lady Gaga storms to the top of the charts with her new album ‘Artpop’ here at Spinnup we’re always on the look out for inspiration and experience from successful artists.

Spinnup will get your music online all around the world which is an essential requirement for all ambitious musicians, but what can you as an unsigned artist learn from the example of the good Lady Gaga in terms of building a winning musical career? Here are a few we’ve come up with.

1. Be a really good musician
As well as being a highly accomplished performer and songwriter, style icon and all the rest, Lady Gaga is first and foremost an extremely talented musician. She’s been playing piano and singing pretty much her entire life. Every artist needs a good haircut and the right clothes but musical chops always come first. And once you have that, the next thing you need is to be an amazing performer…

2. Gaining experience of performing is more important than where you perform
One day when you’re mega famous and successful and headlining your own world tour you’ll be playing in world famous venues like Madison Square Garden, Wembley, the O2. But before you get there you need to build up the experience. And pretty much any experience of performing in front of real people (ie strangers) is worth it. Lady Gaga performed in all sorts of tiny bars and venues when nobody apart from her knew she was going to become Lady Gaga.

3. Take amazing care of your fans
One thing we know about Lady Gaga is that she loves her fans. Really loves her fans. Her ‘Little Monsters’ are such an integral part of who Lady Gaga is that she constantly engages with them on social media, phones them up and brings them on stage during her gigs, and defends them to the hilt. Every top artist knows how much they owe their fans for their success, but Lady Gaga has taken showing that appreciation to a whole different level.

4. Experiment musically
Every successful musician has their own identifiable sound – that’s what makes them, well, identifiable. We all know what Lady Gaga sounds like, even when she tries new ideas and directions. There’s always that essential Lady Gaga-ness about her music. But she isn’t afraid to try lots of really different ideas and directions with other artists as well – jazz with Tony Bennett, guesting with the Rolling Stones on ‘Gimme Shelter’ or dueting with Elton John at the Grammys. She’s still every bit Lady Gaga but she’s taking the opportunity to sound somewhat different to how she does on record.

5. Find and control your look
We’re not even remotely worthy to say anything about the magnificence that is Lady Gaga’s style and look – can you think of anyone who is so endlessly inventive and striking in her choice of outfits and image? Whether or not you can see yourself strutting your stuff in one of her numbers, Lady Gaga has made the visual side of her wholly original and innovative and she is in complete control.  She has her own team of designers and consultants and they all work together with her and for her. She’s a style icon and no one else even comes close to stealing her thunder, ever. Lady Gaga we salute you!

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