Make your Launch a Success with these Top 5 Tips

Launching the release you’ve been working so hard on is an incredibly nervous time. Will it sell? How’s the mix? Am I good? We can’t alleviate the natural self doubt that everyone will feel and we can’t write the songs for you, but here are some nuggets of wisdom that may help a little when it comes to hosting a launch for your single, EP or album.

1. Venue Size

Our advice would be that it’s so much more preferable to have a room be too small than too big. You will perhaps be inviting press, agents, labels and managers depending on what you require and what you already have in your team. A common tactic for a successful launch is to gauge interest and make your venue slightly too small to get everyone in, make sure all your friends get in and create a buzzing and packed event. This looks so much more appealing and impressive to the music industry than a sparse gathering in a venue that could hold more.



Nowadays there is quite could software as part of your website mailing list that you may have that gives you an idea of where in the world your highest density of fans is. That would be where to house your event. You will want good transport links obviously. Also it might be a good idea to look at where in your city the music industry is populated, they tend to put their offices in one part of a city so it may be wise to think about this as a clever part of town. Though any A&R worth anything will always travel, you’d just be making it easier for them, so it’s not worth sacrificing a great venue maybe further away.



Well, really it depends what you want from the evening. Obviously the weekend is better regarding your friends, family and fans but people in the music industry are more likely to come out on a weekday. Venue rental will also be cheaper on a weekday so really it makes most sense for this to be your choice. Don’t make your show too early or too late in the day. Too early and people will miss it, too late and everyone will be knackered and want to go home to get up for work. About 9pm is optimum.



Having a support act can be a great way to bring in a few extra bodies to the event. A great way to warm up the crowd and build excitement for you; the main event! It ensures that you don’t go on to a cold audience. Though do be aware if you are trying to cut costs you should really be paying them.


5. Merch

This is one of the most over-looked parts of a young bands to-do list. You must have a merch stand at all of your gigs but even more essentially at a launch. It looks professional, you will make money and if somebody takes something away that has your or your bands name on it that far increases the chance of them remembering you. This is an absolute no brainer. Have a merch table. You’ll make money and fans. Can you tell we like merch tables yet?