5 Rules For A New Band To Live By

It can be hard starting out, often new bands struggle with a lack of funds, connections and name recognition but while it can be disheartening, if you work hard and follow these simple rules, the rewards can be incredible.

1. Don’t Gig Too Soon

You love gigging! Of course you do! Why else would you be in a band?! But it’s crucial that you wait until you are ready. You want the first time people see your band to be the best time to see your band – when you have a seriously, well rehearsed set of thoroughly thought out new songs. Those hours spent in a damp rehearsal studio may be tedious but they’re totally worth it.

2. Don’t Break The Bank

While it may be tempting to get the fanciest new equipment and film a high-budget blockbuster of a music video for your new track that you recorded in an incredibly high-end studio, it will all be for nothing if you haven’t got the songs yet – spend that hard earned cash on rehearsal time and a road-worthy van and get your first EP recorded on the cheap. Your new fans will love being part of the journey with you as you go from low-fi indie darlings to stadium gods.

3. Be Good To Each Other

A band is a family and we all know that families aren’t always easy. Take the time to hang out away from the practice room and firmly establish your relationships with your band mates. Figure out what you like and don’t like about them and work on getting used to both. The long hours spent bunking up a tour bus together will be a lot smoother if you do.

4. Keep Your Set Concise

There’s a reason there are so many great artists with catalogues of unreleased material… for every Blowin’ In The Wind you write, you’re going to write four other songs that won’t be blowin’ anyone anywhere. You don’t need to be playing an album length set every time you play a show. Choose your six or seven best songs and practice them religiously, the time you’ll save by not trying to cram every song you’ve ever written in will give you plenty of opportunity to get them sounding incredible.

 5. Always Leave Them Wanting More…

When you come to start putting your music online for public consumption try not to show the world too much, all at once. Leave some time between releases for people to really get in to your new track and start anticipating the next one. Your play counts will increase and the buzz around you will grow.