5 Good Habits Every New Artist Should Get Into

As with success in any field, developing good habits is key to making it as far as you would like to go. Get into a good daily routine and you are half way there. Here are some things that, as a musician, you should try to establish as habits.

1. Respond To Emails

One of the most irritating things for a promoter, agent, manager, label or any member of the industry to have to deal with is the disorganisation of artists. You must make sure you keep your inbox nice and empty, when people ask you a question make sure that you get straight back to them with a response, even if it doesn’t seem important at the time the more reliable you appear the more people will be inclined to email you in the future. One of those emails might be an opportunity that you would otherwise not have received.

2. Practice 

There is not a single successful musician, sportsman, potter or any person whose job requires a skill set, that did not practice hard to get to where they are today. It is essential to never lose sight of your craft, work on it and respect it, you will reap the benefit. The world of music that you are trying to break into is tough and there are lots of things to learn for everyone who wants to make it, but no manager, record label or anyone that matters can deny someone who is good. Practice makes perfect, as long as you never think you’re perfect.

3. Exercise

This is not specific to musicians but it will help. Do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise everyday and it will make you a more energised, functional and happier person. We promise, this will help your music career even if it seems like an incongruous thing to have on the list.


4. Write

You should be writing everyday. It does not matter whether you are a vocalist, lyricist, bass player or percussionist, you need to dedicate yourself to writing new material. A new bass line, set of lyrics, guitar hook or melody. As long as you are being inventive everyday, you will remain hungry and your music will stay fresh and innovative. Also studies have shown that the creation of new music is one of two things (the other is learning a new language) that activates new areas of the brain in adulthood and can help keep Alzheimer’s and dementia away. That’s just a little bonus.


5. Network

Yuk! Oh my god, what a horrible word. Lots of people hate this word, almost understandably. It betrays the natural honesty of conversation and conjures the idea that the only reason you would talk to and eventually befriend anyone is if they could be of some use to you in the future. But really it doesn’t have to be that bad. People in the music business need to know each other for the whole operation to run cohesively and effectively. Try not to think about it as a sordid activity, really the name makes it sound worse than it is and once you get to know people, most of them are nice. One of the wonderful things about the world is that most people are good. It might be scary, it might be odd, but everyone needs to know each other and whoever you are talking to will see the value in you too.

Another good habit is to be informed. We’ve tried to make this as fun as possible but it is still Intellectual Property – Decoded