5 easily avoidable Twitter mistakes

Twitter is an amazing medium for unsigned artists. Few others give you the freedom and potential reach of those 140 character creations.

But what Tweets give then can also taketh away if not used wisely. So as we here at Spinnup only want the very best for you and your music, please avoid doing any of these.

1. Forgetting to thank a new fan

Simple really, but easily to overlook. When someone has taken the trouble to notice you and actively reach out to you whether it’s through a follow or nice comment, say thank you. They didn’t have to do anything, and their interest can very easily be withdrawn without any notice, so let them know that you’ve noticed and appreciate it.

2. Trying to get famous artists to follow them

A lot of unsigned artists spend a considerable amount of time trying to get the attention of a big name to notice them on Twitter, follow and even retweet them. We’re not saying none of that ever happens and that you can’t get other artists to support you, it does and you can, but you should put your effort into making fans of non-famous music lovers. And those people who are noticed and supported on Twitter by famous artists, it never started out from a random ‘Please follow me!’ Tweet. Famous artists are absolutely inundated by Tweets like that.

3. Only talking about yourself

Twitter is a social medium, it thrives on conversations, and the key feature of any conversation is that it isn’t just one way. That’s not a conversation, that’s a lecture, or worse. You do want to make sure you use Twitter to talk about what you’re up to, future gigs and so on, but not only things about you. Tweet interesting stories you’ve seen, take photos of things that are funny or inspiring, ask questions and engage with people. You know, talk about stuff that isn’t just centred around you. But not at the expense of…

4. Turning Twitter into a stream of consciousness

Twitter is most definitely not the medium for expressing every single tiny little thought that enters your mind. In fact nothing is, not even you care that much about everything that crosses your mind. One of things that makes Twitter so powerful is the immediacy of it – you can think or see something and instantly express yourself. But keep that as a strength, don’t turn it into a nightmare.

5. Spamming people

We’ve mentioned this issue on more than one occasion and we’re going to again because it is so important. Twitter should be a central part of your strategy for raising your profile, building your fanbase and furthering your career. And you won’t achieve these by pestering people on Twitter or hurling self-promoting Tweets in the direction of total strangers. You may think of yourself as just being a very keen promoter of your career, but if you’re doing things that you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of yourself, then you’re a spammer. So don’t be.