We have reached 100,000 artists!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s really flown here at Spinnup!

It feels like just yesterday we launched from the Universal Music offices in Stockholm. Now three years later we are celebrating 100,000 artists on the platform!

In those three years we have also: 

• launched local Spinnup offices and Scout teams is 6 countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Germany and France

• had 29 artists discovered on Spinnup and signed to Universal Music (the 30th is being finalised as we speak!) from USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. You can read about them here

• enlisted the help of close to 100 Spinnup Scouts, and

• had 4 of those Scouts hired as employees by Universal Music!

Needless to say we’re pretty proud of our team of staff and Scouts, but also of each and every artist who has believed in their dream by releasing their music to the world through Spinnup. Thanks for helping us reach this milestone, and here’s to the next hundred thousand!

Spinnup HQ 

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