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The 10 best productivity apps for musicians

Today we’re helping you with the organisation and productivity side of a music career by selecting some of the best productivity apps we came across… They can make handling a music career a little easier with time and task management, email organisation, planning tools and more!

  1. Trello– FREE

With Trello you can create board for each project you have going on and organise the work. It allows you to plan and schedule tasks with your team as it syncs boards shared between members. You’ll also be able to assign a task to a member of your team or just create to do lists before going on your next tour for instance!



  1. Band Mule – FREE

Band Mule is like an app version of a manager. It makes it easy to plan gigs with the calendar tab and chat available in the app. You will also find a ‘songs’ and a ‘setlists’ tab.

  1. Google alerts – FREE

Set up alerts for your band/artist name in Google alerts and you will be notified whenever you get mentioned anywhere on the web. You will receive notifications via emails; this way you will have a record of your mentions and will save time looking up on Google to see any new coverage! It’s also interesting to set alerts for anything related to your projects – updates to the music services or social media features –  so you know what’s going on.

  1. Road trip – FREE

The ultimate app for the touring musician. It allows you to track travel expenses with graphs, mileage and gas prices. What’s not to love about saving time and money?

  1. Time – $9.99

As the name suggests, this app is a time management tool that will allow the user to keep track on the time spent doing a certain task. It will count the overtime used working on this task and will graph out the time spent working weekly. It does come with a price tag but if you’re the procrastinating type it might be worth it!



  1. Pocket – FREE with premium tier for $4.99/month

Pocket is an app that helps with being more productive with your content. This tool is great for when you find an article or blog post that is interesting but that you don’t have time to read now. It’s also got a ‘listen to articles’ mode which means you can get access to the article’s content even when you’re not able to read (e.g. when you’re driving) and can save you a lot of time.

  1. Grammarly – FREE with premium tier

When you have to reply to professional emails fast and efficiently, Grammarly is the tool you need. A grammar checking tool which prevents repetitive wording to help you save time and improve your writing skills all in one. You can also upgrade to premium to get checks on punctuation and style suggesrtions, starting at $11.66 a month.

  1. Mint – FREE

Mint is a budgeting app that helps you keep track of your spending and balances easily all in one app. Mint suggests how you could be saving money based on your financial information and transactions.



  1. Spark – FREE with premium tier starting at $6.99 a month

Spark works with any email and understands which of your emails are the most important for you. It places them at the top of the list divided in three categories: personal, notifications and newsletters.

  1. Spinnup Stats

In your Spinnup dashboard you will find the ‘Stats’ tab. This great tool you will enable you to know which songs get the most interest, to know more about your followers on social media on a given time frame and more. You can analyse this data to know which style works best or where to tour based on where your fans live. This will save you a lot of time and will ensure you focus on the right projects.