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Spinnup’s Top 10 Apps for Songwriting

This week we decided to put together a short list of the best apps that could come in handy to any songwriter. These cover many aspects of songwriting; from lyric finding to chord progression help and so much more!

Most of them are free and a couple cost under $5, suiting any independent artist’s budget, so get ready to download and use all available storage on your phone…

  1. Abbey Road’s Topline – FREE

With Topline, you can record up to two layers of audio in one track, import files, organise and convert your tracks to share them. It’s super easy and it’s all in one place. It was made and designed specifically for artists by Abbey Road and launched in collaboration with Spinnup artists



  1. IOS Garage band – FREE

The desktop program goes mobile! Record on the go by playing your iPhone or iPad like an instrument. You can also enjoy free Artists Lessons for piano and guitar with three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and advanced.

  1. Rhymers block – FREE

“Keep that inspiration flowing!” This app acts as a notepad but it also suggests rhymes as you type with a colour code. It also has a cloud sync option to make sure you don’t lose your work.

  1. Songwriter Lyrics Pro – $3.99

Lyrics finder for songwriters on the go, this app is really good for anyone who’s suffering from writer’s block and needs a little help with lyrics.

  1. Tap that Tempo – FREE

As the name suggests, this app lets you find the tempo of a song simply by tapping along the beat!



  1. Complete Ear Trainer – FREE

In the Complete Ear Trainer app there is theory, tests on intervals and much more to train your song writing skills and come up with the best track possible!

  1. Ultimate Circle of Fifth – $2.99

A fun app to experiment with chord progression in different keys. You can save everything in the app and export it easily.

  1. Evernote Scannable – FREE

Prefer to scribble your lyrics and notes down? With Evernote you can scan any piece of paper to transform quickly jotted-down lyrics into on screen text on your phone.

  1. Capo touch – FREE

Let your favourite songs inspire you – Capo touch is here to help you identify what you like most in a song. Import any track and you will be able to break it down to analyse which chords, beats and notes appeal to you most. You can then edit the song according to what you prefer!



  1. Metronome – FREE

Inarguably the simplest app on the list yet so important to practise your songs at different paces and figure out which one works best!