Spinnup Signed: RIIDEM Signs to Universal Music Singapore

We’re so proud to announce our first Spinnup Asia signing to Universal Music! Singer-songwriter and producer RIIDEM recently secured a distribution deal with Universal Music Singapore, marking this as the first ever Spinnup South East Asia signing.

His love for music started back in 2001 when he got a hand-me-down walkman from his older brother. He used to get CDs and religiously tune in to “Rigby’s Top 40” on the radio. “I was intrigued by the fact music made by someone, miles away, travelling through electronic means into his ears was able to transport my mind into suspended animation.” Over the next decade, his connection with the idea of making music only grew stronger. The stars aligned on his 12th birthday when his parents gifted him a Casio keyboard, and thus began his musical journey. 


Heavily influenced by Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, RIIDEM has always been producing music for artists. But transitioning into becoming one “feels like a rebirth for me in this industry,” says RIIDEM. “Releasing my first single via Spinnup was definitely an enjoyable experience because more often than not, most artists can find this process to be a daunting one.” RIIDEM released his first ever single, SMOKESCREEN, via Spinnup.



With the surge of music being produced and consumed in the digital space, how do you set yourself apart? RIIDEM says his biggest challenge is compromising between creating a track that is relevant in this current period, or creating something that will last the test of time. Ultimately, his affirmation is that the only way forward is to believe in himself and the music he creates. “Trusting the process has always been my mantra in music because not every work will be perfect, but as we grow, we learn from the past and strive for perfection.” Well said!


As an experienced solo artist and producer, RIIDEM wants young and aspiring artists to remember one thing: always believe in yourself. “As cliche as this might sound, acknowledging that you will face setbacks along the way is inevitable but every time you get past one, you will be one step closer to your goal.” Critiques from people are only part of the journey – learning from your mistakes and sieving out genuine opinions only helps you grow to become a better musician. 


The world is getting smaller and better-connected than ever before with social media, and distribution platforms like Spinnup makes it possible for artists to spread their music to the world. “Through Spinnup, artists can now truly believe that getting signed to a major label like Universal Music is definitely a realistic and achievable goal,” says RIIDEM.



Being part of Universal Music opens up endless possibilities for one’s music journey and growth as an artist and producer. “I’m extremely thankful to Spinnup for this amazing opportunity because I am able to bring my music career to a whole new level. This platform, or pedestal as I would coin it to be, has really been the launch pad for the next phase of my music career as an artist.” It’s only up and up from here, RIIDEM!


Congratulations, RIIDEM! We’re so excited for your journey with Universal Music and for what you have in store for us all. Keep doing you!