Be Release Ready with our Music Release Checklist

Your new release is right around the corner. You’ve got your tracks mastered and ready for release. You know what you want the artwork to look like.

Are you really ready though? Do you have all your other assets in order? Do you know how you’re going to build a buzz around this one?

From getting your release parts ready to promoting the hell out of your music, follow our step-by-step guide to make sure you’re giving your upcoming release the best chance possible.

Download our interactive PDF checklist to use for each release and make sure you’re ticking all the right boxes. You can add the title of your release at the top, and then check off all the things we recommend artists do to get their release out and hype it as much as possible. This GIF shows you how:




• Create your artwork

• Upload your full high-quality format tracks, artwork, release date and details of track names and writers!

• Make sure your bio and press kit is up-to-date in case you get any requests for them from your press outreach

• Create audio and video snippets and clips for different social networks

• Tease your fans with the release date announcement, pre-order links and teaser clips

• Arrange premieres of your tracks on blogs, websites and channels to hype your release before it drops

• Send your tracks to blogs, websites, Spotify playlists, radio DJs and magazines for coverage

• Create a full video for your lead track

• Once your release has been approved and delivered to Spotify, use the Catalog section in your profile on Spotify For Artists to pitch a track to their editorial team

• Change your bio links and details on your social networks to promote the new release

• Email your database with details of the release

• Try and arrange a live gig or live stream for release day


Release day

• Create a Linkfire or Hype URL promo link for a landing page to link to different streaming platforms and download stores from one short link

• Post your artwork or video and promo link on all your social networks

• Change your bio links and details on your social networks to push to your release

• Email your database to tell them your release is out

• Change your SoundCloud Spotlight and Spotify Artist’s Pick sections to promote your new release

• Email any Spotify playlists you have details for to let them know your release is live



• Share video and teaser clips for different tracks on your release across your social networks

• Update your fans on reviews, playlist inclusions, radio plays and remixes

• Offer repost / social post swaps with other artists you know to cross-promote each other’s releases


Download the release checklist PDF here