Promote your Music for Free with Spinnup

If there’s one thing we get asked more than almost anything else, it’s how to best promote a release. Honestly, there’s no single answer to this and each release strategy will differ depending on the artist and the release. For more help on this make sure to check out our guide to self-promotion for independent artists and our release checklist.

Something we can provide you with to promote your release?

Promo links. For free.

That’s right, we now provide free, unique promo links for each and every release you put out there on Spinnup.



First up, what’s a promo link?

A promo link, sometimes called a ‘smart link’, is a single URL that is unique to your release and allows your fans to find your release on their preferred music platform.

If you’ve ever used a service like, Amplify or Listen.It you’ll be familiar with the concept – instead of promoting your release with individual links to it on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or any other store, we give you one simple link that when clicked on, opens a custom landing page with your cover art and links to your release on all our major partner stores.


How does it work?

As soon as your release goes live we will send you an email with your promo link, which will help you, and your fans, find your release on their favourite music platform (and many others!)

You can find the promo link for each of your live releases in your artist account under the My Releases tab.


What should you do with it?

Post it. Everywhere.

On your social media, on your website, your newsletter or anywhere else you get in touch with your fans. Not only does it make your music easier to find for your fans, but it also looks more professional to labels, agents, managers, and people in the industry when you have one simple link for them to follow and find your tune.

Hot tip: Replace your Instagram bio link with your promo link to drive more fans to hit play on your new release.


And for more help on getting your music heard, make sure to download and read our free Independent Artists’ Guide to Self-Promotion.