New UMG Signings – Simsey, Enchantée Julia, Juice

Universal Music group has been busy signing more Spinnup artists…

So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the latest signings;



Simsey was born and raised in Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen by way of Eritrea. Eritrea’s reputation has been marred by political conflict, however, Eritrean people are some of the most culturally rich in the world, with traditions that go back centuries, you can often spot their descendants across the world.

The Eritrean diaspora includes artists like the late great Nipsey Hussle 🏁 , world-renowned producer/businessman Swizz Beats and comedienne Tiffany Haddish to name only a few and we are excited to see Simsey join that list.

He started singing and rapping at an early age which eventually led to becoming his hobby which then became his passion. His biggest musical influence has been French Hip Hop and you can hear some of those influences throughout his music.

Simsey released his first track “Ambitioner” with Spinnup in 2018, which caught the attention of the Spinnup offices because of the streaming numbers he was able to pull in, in a short amount of time.

Simsey has signed in March and his first release “Alo” ft Cameron, came out May 31st, keep your eyes peeled for more from this young king. 🤴🏾


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Enchantée Julia

Enchantée Julia commands your attention before she even opens mouth, big hair and big hoops, she has ethereal energy around her. She was born in the late ’80s and raised during the golden era of R&B and the world domination of hip hop, in a small town in South-East France in a musical family, she cites her musical influences as Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Opera, and Jazz, you can hear her soulful influences throughout her music. She moved to Paris to follow her dreams and worked many different jobs to get to where she is now. Her songwriting style is rooted in poetry and metaphors.

Enchantée Julia was discovered through Spinnup France’s Bourges competition earlier this year, she signed with UMG in June and with her new backing, we look forward to her growth and where she takes French R&B.

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Juice hails from Grenoble, France, the same town as French influencer and rapper Yvick whom he collaborated with back in 2017. His main musical influences are American hip hop and American culture in general.

He released his first solo project MultiFruits in 2018 and then came back to Spinnup to release his second “MultiFruits 2” in February. Juice is multilingual and can rap in English as well as French, which means his rise to fame will not be limited to people who listen to French music only.

If you can understand Frech and want to here Juice’s story in his own words look no further than “Reves 2

Juice signed with UMG in June! Check out his July 5th UMG distributed E.P “Guabaya”.

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