LEOPOLD + MKSM release their Pride Anthem With Spinnup

In response to the creation of LGBT-free zones in Poland, LEOPOLD and MKSM are claiming back the streets with their newest battle cry anthem “Love in the Dark”, proudly released through Spinnup. 

May 17th is IDAHOBIT or, ‘International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia’. Demos and events are usually held in many cities to honour the community however, since gatherings may be prohibited in some places, there are many campaigns online and on social media instead. The ‘I Am Not An Ideology‘ is an example of a campaign that tackles the “LGBT-free zones” as well as the Berlin initiative ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Last year, we covered artists who used their pen to protest and create social change and today, we are so proud to add our very own Germany based artists LEOPOLD and MKSM to that inspiring list with their newest track “Love in the Dark”. The call-to-arms anthem encourages us all to celebrate diversity and to accept all people for who they are, sing in union to “Turn on your light” (#turnonyourlight)


All proceeds from the track will benefit the campaign and support the work of the LGBTQIA + community in Poland. The duo have also created a visual for the track, showcasing a number of international artists and political activists who want to signal one thing above all else: Love is not a crime!

We’re honoured to not only support, but champion our artists to have their voice and message heard across the world. Check out some of our other queer talent on our playlists here. Have you got something to say? Then we want to hear it, log in today to start.