How to use Clubhouse as an artist

It feels like with every passing month there’s a new social media kid on the block ready to take the world by storm, and the beginning of 2021 is no different. Enter, Clubhouse.


What is Clubhouse?” You may be asking. Or better yet, “how can I use Clubhouse as an artist?


Initially adopted by celebrities and influencers Clubhouse has been around for about a year and is still on the come up (and at the time of writing is only available on iOS.) It has a definite air of exclusivity around it down to the fact that you can’t just sign up. You need to know someone who has an account and ask them to invite you. AND each user only gets two invites, so use them wisely!


Really adds more meaning to the old saying, it’s not what you know but who you know.


What is Clubhouse?


Clubhouse is a social media platform where users can join conversations in a ‘room’ or ‘club’ to talk about a topic or interest. And we mean literally talk, Clubhouse is an audio platform. No stories, no videos, no text. Just talk.


We guess the idea is to simulate the feeling of going to an event or a party, where you might walk around and join different conversations at different points in the night to talk, or even just listen. Clubhouse is like that. A worldwide, never-ending, everyone’s-invited type of party.


Conversations happen in real-time, and you can join or leave conversations whenever you want. You can also create your own room around any topic you like, and there are already a tonne to do with music, the industry and being an artist. Who knows you might just stumble across renowned music manager Scooter Braun, artists Drake and Questlove (among many others) on the platform shooting the breeze.



How do I sign up to Clubhouse?


• First up, you’re going to need someone to invite you. At the moment, that’s the only way to join

• Once you’ve got that exclusive invite, set your account name. You will need to enter a two-name username. This is intended to be your proper, legal name. But further on you’re able to enter a Creative Alias, e.g. your artist name, which will be more prominently displayed. And when you join a room, only your first name will be displayed

You can only change your name once – same goes for the @ username and the alias, so choose wisely

• Add a profile picture, bio, your website (or Spinnup artist site!) and links to your Instagram and Twitter

• That’s it – now start following people and topics that interest you and away you go

• If a person or room you follow starts or joins a conversation you’ll be notified, so you can join in


How can I use Clubhouse as an artist?


I know what you’re thinking, another social media platform I have to manage? And while yes, it is an extra account to manage, Clubhouse is vastly different from all the other apps out there in that it is only voice, real-time conversations that have an added air of authenticity as you can hear the tone and emotion that are missing from text. And not everyone likes being in front of a camera, so it’s a win for those who can’t quite bring themselves to post stories or TikToks of themselves.


Get set up right

Before you dive headfirst into the platform, make sure everything’s set up to promote yourself as an artist. Make sure your artist name is displayed, used your latest cover art or a press shot for your profile picture. And if you’re connecting your site, Instagram and Twitter, check that each platform is up to date and shows people exactly what you want them to see.


Join the conversation

If you find a room with a conversation you want to join, you can join as a speaker if you can see the ✋in the bottom right of the screen. But just like the real world, you wouldn’t cut in and interrupt someone while they’re speaking, so be polite! And also like the real world, you usually speak up when you have something to contribute, so check the vibe of the conversation and jump in when you have something relevant to say or question to ask.


Create your own room

You can create and host a chat room yourself and invite friends or other users who you think might be interested. For example, you could create a room for artists to talk about songwriting, the creative process, or even just a space to share their music.


It’s a great space you can share your own creative activities, especially if you invite fans to your room.


Some ideas for your own Clubhouse room

• chat with your fans or other artists

• host an open mic or song battle

• share news, content or music with fans in real-time

• talk about your favourite music

• perform with your band to live stream a gig, your rehearsal or recording session

• do a live track-by-track of your latest project and talk through the inspiration behind your songs


The audio quality is being improved, but they do have a Music Mode, which will make the sound in your room better if it detects your phone is connected to a microphone or iRig.



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Network and collaborate with artists

Clubhouse is all about bringing people together to talk, so it’s a perfect way to meet other artists or network with people in the industry – managers, A&Rs, live agents – everyone is joining Clubhouse. Search for rooms like Industry Connect or Artist Development to network with industry types and get some info and inspo to help with your career. GRAMMY award-winning artists and producers are known to host their own rooms or pop up in a conversation to share their experiences.


But the best part is being able to meet artists from all around the world, and each one is a potential collaborator, producer or songwriter you could work with on your next release. You could even write a song live on Clubhouse or perform a cover together.


If someone can host a live audio adaptation of The Lion King with 40 cast and members across 20 cities, we’re sure you can think of a few ways to bring your music to Clubhouse.



Is there anything else I should know about Clubhouse?


Conversations in Clubhouse rooms aren’t recorded, and you should avoid the temptation to record the conversation or screen record your phone. In fact, you’ll get an alert on your phone if you try advising that it’s against the community guidelines to share recordings without the speaker’s permission and could lead to you getting kicked off the platform. But if you’re the host of a room and want to record it, make sure you put it in the title of your room, and also add the red recording dot emoji.


CEO Paul Davison also announced the app’s first creators program called ‘Clubhouse Creator First’ aiming to support and help aspiring hosts and creators on the platform build their audiences, connect with brands, and perhaps most importantly, monetise their shows.

The accelerator will accept 20 creators, and Clubhouse is taking applications through March 31st.


If you like the app and want to know more, each Sunday at 9am (PST) the founders host an open Town Hall meeting where they tell users about updates or answer their questions.


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