How to optimise your YouTube channel?

YouTube is a great way to amplify your career as an independent artist. It really is a complimentary platform to your music, providing the visuals to your music and extra content for fans. But since it’s not going to be the main focus point in career, how should you manage your channel and make it work the best for you? We’ve collected some of the best tips to optimise your YouTube channel right here in this article.


Choose the right words


YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. So whether it is in your tags, your descriptions or video titles, it’s important to think about each and every word you use. Try and use words are trending or at least interesting… think about what users most likely type in to search. To help you with that, you can use tools like YouTube Autocomplete to identify what words are searched according to your type of content.


Create relevant thumbnails


We all know one image is worth a thousand words, right? Your thumbnails play a great part in the number of clicks you get on your videos. Sometimes just an edited screenshot of the video will do but on bigger projects, you’ll want to create it from scratch. Either take a picture or design your thumbnail! You can use TubeBuddy to help you with that. It’s a really good tool which will also help you schedule your videos and test keywords.


Share your videos on your socials


It’s important to talk about your videos on your socials and promo them before they’re even live. Do this to boost your viewer numbers, which like any social media or streaming platform, will give it a better chance of getting picked up by the platform’s algorithm and recommend it to more users.   Woobox can help you easily share your content on your socials by allowing users to create a YouTube tab on their Facebook page to make videos more accessible to your fans. Your videos will be just a click away.


Engage with your fans


Just like with any other platform, interacting with your community will help increase your following. Responding to comments under your videos, creating posts or playlists are easy ways to engage with your fans. YouTube has created an app to facilitate creators’ lives called Youtube Studio. Ithelps you organise your profile and lets you respond to comments directly from your phone. You’ll find plenty of other useful features so it’s worth downloading!


Collaborating with other artists


When working with other artists, you’re exposed to both your community and theirs. Associating with other artists is a great way to reach a wider audience, whether it’s on YouTube or in the stores. Make sure to put their name in the title and to tag their genre as well as yours. If you work with brands or other creators, you can also benefit from it on YouTube. Always tag who you work with! Check out our guide to artist collaboration for more advice.


Stay on the look out


You should try and stay aware of what’s trending on Youtube and what works best with users. To assist you with channel development, you can use tools like VidiQ. It’s a plugin specially designed to grow your channel faster. The free version has basic features such as trend alerts and stats which are crucial to increase your following on the platform. Full breakdown on what premium tier gets you here.


Verify your channel


This makes you look more pro. Actually, users are more likely to watch videos and subscribe to verified channels. So, what are you waiting for? In order to get that precious grey tick, follow the steps described in this article.


For more tips on promotion as an independent artist, make sure to check out the Spinnup blog regularly!