Free tools to make music from home

Here we are in a position to be grateful for everything we have. For the talents we possess and the talented people we know. Music makers keep the world spinning around and we like to think that music is a super hero for us every day – this is especially true during these times when we are relegated to our homes.

In Italy we’ve seen wonderful music shared between the balconies, and many artists have taken to social media and entertained us via live streaming. Joy and other emotions we can share through song is a gift, and the world needs to hear us more than ever right now.

We know the contents of a wallet may need to stretch further in this time capsule of isolation, and we are going to share free tools to get your hands on to create music. When you can’t get to the studio, or meet with your band or producer, there are some things available to you that are kind to the bank balance and will make consumers of music very happy.

Before we dive in, there is an Australian singer by the name of Tina Arena. She was quite a big deal with hits like ‘Chains’ and ‘Sorrento Moon’. We expect you’ll enjoy her latest meme

Tag us in any memes you make of yourself or your band. A good sense of humour has improved many a situation.

Below is an outline of some free music making software – depending on your choice of computer we’ve gathered software that covers Mac or Windows (or both).

1. Garageband

Compatible with Mac.

This beauty comes pre installed on Apple computers. If you have an Apple then happy days! It comes with ‘Drummer’ which is a beat maker, with you get free access to a sound library packed with awesome sounds. If you’ve ever worked with Logic you’ll notice the interface is similar – and Logic is often the natural step from Garageband. For a free software is packs a punch. Apple have also just announced a free trial on Logic Pro starting now.

2. Tracktion T7

Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux.

This free version is an excellent way to create music. Seems you can have an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks so try and out Queen, Queen. Layer those tracks like you’re making an 80’s hit.

Follow the sign up prompts and when you download, you’ll see it’s running in demo mode. Clock the ‘unlock’ button and follow screen prompts from there. You’ll be up and running in no time.

3. Klevgrand SyndtSphere

Compatible with Mac, Windows.

This is a free software that lets you muck around with sound – and you can morph that sound. The app is like a giant synthesiser if you will, where you can start at the centre of the app and move between sounds. You’ll see what we mean. You could find yourself playing with this app for fun which is a great distraction for the current times.

4. Cakewalk

Compatible with Windows 10

This cool cat allows unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and has instruments, and tools for mixing and mastering. Sharing directly to youtube, Facebook etc is a fabulous feature.

5. Audacity

Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux.

Audacity is a free open source software that is recording enabled, and also offers track editing. Perfect for recording stripped back type tracks, and for editing already finished songs. Record straight into the computer microphone or plug in an external interface. Save to wav, mp3 of AIFF and others. This is great software for editing a showreel together. Place your songs in here and edit snippets together and bring them into one track. Save in the format you want and upload to a free sharing site like soundcloud where you can send a link to the showreel out to people via email and socials.

Pick a software you like the look of and have a play around with it. You’ll be making music very quickly. After you’ve built all the forts you can in the living room and are looking for something to keep your attention, you’ll be ready for these free platforms.

Can I use my phone if I don’t have a computer?

Yes you can. With these apps:

Topline, from Abbey Road Studios




Mix Pad (android)

Mix Pad (iphone)

Voice Recorder (android)

Voice Recorder (iphone)


We recommend downloading a voice recorder app for those time you feel spontaneous inspiration. Sing the idea into your phone before it leaves you. Most people can relate to having an awesome idea and by the time they get to a studio, or even to their guitar, the idea POOF has vanished. As we’re clued to our phones, you’ll have the opportunity to press record in the app and capture the inspiration in real time.

And when you’ve made your music – there is an avenue to distribute and share it free of charge on soundcloud. Sign up and upload for free. Links to your uploaded tracks are shareable on social media.

There are a vast number of free applications that allow you to create music, and we collected  some of the most used and highly recommended ones so you don’t have to trawl through the internet for them. You might have time on your hands right now to research many apps, but may as well get right to making music candy for our ears! Bit of a side note: make the music you want. Whatever flows through you. Perhaps it feels like the entire world is on lock down but write the kind of song you want to. Happy, sad, apathetic – it doesn’t have to cater to everyone. People who connect to the sound will gravitate towards it. That could be 1 person or 3million – excellent either way!

So there you have it folks. We give thanks to the creators in the world, and to the creators of free music making software. If this wasnt enough, here are some more free tools. We expect to see your memes flying in and anticipate that they will brighten up our day.

For all your music questions or if you just want to say hello, we are online and love conversing with you. With music, there’s no such thing as being isolated.