5 Ways Artists Can Use Amazon Music

Amazon Music is an ever-growing streaming platform that is forming an ever-bigger part of the company’s offering to users. Its integration into their Alexa and Echo home assistant devices has also created a significant increase in its use and means that your music is just a voice command away. 


How To Get Your Music On Amazon Music


The answer is simple. Upload your project to Spinnup to get your music distributed onto Amazon and some of the biggest online music platforms in the world.


To get the most out of your Amazon profile, first of all, you’ll need to claim your Amazon Music artist profile. You’ll need to provide links to your social media accounts as part of the process and any other links that can help verify that you are who you claim to be. If your claim has been successful, you’ll receive an email from Amazon a few days later telling you so. Then you can log in and add a profile picture and a background picture.

Submit your music to Amazon Music’s editorial team


In the same way that you can pitch your upcoming releases to Spotify’s editorial team for consideration in their playlists, you can submit music to amazon and let Amazon Music’s curators know about your upcoming release.


It’s not as sophisticated as Spotify’s method, unfortunately. You have to email a listening link (e.g. SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive) to music-submissions@amazon.com along with the artist and track name, release date, distributor (Spinnup if you’re releasing it through us) and what genre or genres it falls under. Their guidelines don’t ask for any additional info, but a short paragraph can’t hurt.


Reach your fans on Amazon Music when you go live on Twitch


If you use Twitch to broadcast live streams, you can connect your Twitch account to your Amazon Music Artists account. The benefit of this is that your Amazon Music followers will get notified when you go live, and your Twitch streams will appear on your Amazon Music profile while they’re happening.


To connect the two services, head to your Profile & Tools page once you’re logged in.


Using Amazon Music in Twitch streams


There’s also an enhanced way of bringing the worlds of Amazon Music and Twitch closer together. The Amazon Music extension for Twitch allows you to use tracks from the Amazon Music catalogue in your Twitch broadcasts through an integrated player which appears in your streaming dashboard. The only catch is that both you AND your fans need to be either Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers in order for them to hear the music during your broadcast. Amazon Music Unlimited offers a free 30-day trial, so even fans who don’t have an account could take part in theory. 


You could use this format to create listening parties where you share your musical inspirations or where you play and talk about tracks from your catalogue. You could also invite other artists and collaborators to be part of your streams and ask them to select some of their favourite music, or introduce your fans to their music. Or if you happen to be a gamer, you could just play games while playing your music to expose your gaming fans to your music. 


Earn revenue through Twitch and the Amazon referral scheme 


Amazon also offers an incentive scheme to help attract new users to Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited. If you sign up to the Amazon Affiliate Program you can earn $3 for each person who signs up through your link for a free trial of Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited, regardless of whether they become a paying customer after the trial finishes. This can be automatically integrated into your Twitch streams by installing the Amazon Music extension we already mentioned. When you add music to your stream, viewers will be prompted to sign-in to Amazon (if they have an account) or to start a free trial in order to hear the music. Any sign-ups that come through there once you have signed up to the Affiliate Program will net you $3.




The Amazon Artist Merch Shop is Amazon’s platform for artists to both create and sell merchandise through. You can create a range of t-shirts, hoodies, vests and phone accessories which they will print and fulfill on demand, or if you create and ship your own merch you can simply create a merch store with them to take orders through. It’s used by everyone from Gucci Mane to Pink to Slipknot. You can see what fees the Amazon Artist Merch Shop will deduct from your orders here.


While it’s not quite Spotify in terms of its functionality or Apple Music in terms of its baked-in user base, Amazon Music is not to be overlooked. And you can expect to see more product features rolled out in the future which will make it a more valuable platform for artists.