5 Ideas For Creating Music Videos On A Low Budget

To make a music video is a big project that will highlight your music, but it can be a little bit daunting. We’re musicians we focus on the sound, right? But a a music video is so important to bring a new perspective to your musical universe, and hopefully, more visibility. We all know how costly it can be to translate our musical vision into a visual medium, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are five ideas to kick start some inspiration for you to make music videos without breaking the bank.




The most popular version of the animated music video is the lyric version. But you can have a totally different take! But with animation there are almost no limits to your creativity as animation allows you to really speak your mind, compared to a classic music video. You’ll be able to depict raw and abstract emotions, or huge events you would be able to produce without a Hollywood budget Want to fly like a superhero? That works. Want a huge explosion in there? You can do that too


We really like this one by Billie Eilish because it invites us into her universe and shows her own abstract meaning for growth.


You really don’t have to create a very detailed animation. Sometimes a couple of sketches on a loop can look sick. Reach out to your friends and you’ll most likely find help to reduce the price to the max. Another great place to start is approaching graphic design/animation students who could also ensure you get a decent price and plenty of creative ideas.

Combine some rushes


Honestly, you should just film anything related to your project/group at this point. And we mean anything. It’s one of the best ways to make sure you have material for your future videos… whether it’s on portrait mode for your socials or landscape for your music videos. So, don’t hesitate, record your trips, sessions, shows…

With a couple filters and a little editing, you could end up with an authentic music video for almost nothing.


A perfect example of this is Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” music video that combines this kind of footage and stock clips, which you can easily buy online to mix in for a bit more artistic flair.






Exactly what it sounds like, a music video that’s actually from a live show. There are two ways to go, you can reuse videos from your past concerts for your clips. In this case, you can truly show your energy and presence on stage and potentially conquer new fans. You could also organize a fake live show where you record yourself like a real concert. Hire your friends to play the public and add a personal twist. And there you go, two completely different styles.


For illustration, Nirvana on one side deep in the show and on the other side The Weeknd with a crazy staging for “Can’t Feel My Face”.


Tell a story/create a whole atmosphere


Sometimes tracks create a whole story through the lyrics and when that’s the case, take advantage of that and translate the words into images and build that story. What’s interesting about this idea is that it can be completely abstract. Your main goal is to determine the scope of the project. With a small budget, some outfits and a greenscreen can go a long way.


Thriller comes to mind as the most iconic music video in this style because it’s part of the success of the song. In a completely different fashion, Aqua works the green screen with a quirky atmosphere. With a bit of creativity there’s no reason you can’t tell a story like this on a smaller budget.


One-shot music video


Ideal for small budgets, one-shot music videos require very few outfits, sets or decoration. Also, they’re quicker to shoot meaning any rental time for a venue and equipment is brief. It can be quite captivating if the idea behind the video is good and linked to the song.

Lorde did a cool video a few years ago by just sitting in front of the camera – not even singing! Another cool version of the one-shot video is the Black Key’s “Lonely Boy”.

Now it’s over to you. We hope these ideas inspired you to make your own music video on a budget. For more tips on low budget videos, take a peek at our article on the best free video editing apps.