How To Spot A Fake

In this article, we will be giving you lots of useful tips on how to spot a fake manager or booking agent or just a plain old pirate - unfortunately, many of them are out there!  Check out our ‘how to connect with booking agents and managers’ for tips on how to connect with a good ‘un. There are many wonderful, intelligent managers and agents in this business, who will compliment your talents and

A Guide to Spotify Playlist Promotion Services or guarantees Spotify playlist inclusions, followers or play counts. Messaging like this is a red flag that they are using illicit tactics — usually involving fake accounts — to generate numbers. Ask yourself: do you really want big numbers that don’t mean anything?     You’ll easily get found out if your numbers are falsely inflated, and worse still your music may be removed by the platform i

5 Ideas For Creating Music Videos On A Low Budget

...videos from your past concerts for your clips. In this case, you can truly show your energy and presence on stage and potentially conquer new fans. You could also organize a fake live show where you record yourself like a real concert. Hire your friends to play the public and add a personal twist. And there you go, two completely different styles.   For illustration, Nirvana on one side deep

8 Simple Rules To Live By As a Musician

... you’re feeling up to a live stream, see our guide here.   2. Be authentic Allowing ourselves to be authentic is extremely freeing. And you know what? Others can tell when we’re being fake. It can be seen a mile away. Stay true to yourself and a weird thing will happen…it will give others the permission to be true to themselves as well. Sure a whole lot of people wander about the world being

Music & Social Change: Artists Who Used Their Pens For Protest

...police, making fake visas and taking your money.   Producer of ‘Paper Planes’, Diplo, had the idea to build the track from a looped sample from The Clash’s ‘Straight to Hell’ which covers similar themes about the poor treatment of third world immigrants by Britain and the US.   This sample was combined with elements of world music, along with a banging pop hook. M.I.A. came up with and r

Spinnup Presents Playlist – February 2020

...unds, and warmth with every track. We cannot wait to hear what else Floating Prism will produce from his Freak Musik studio in Stuttgart.   TOM MOUSE SMITH 'Could I Live with Being Fake?'     It's easy to listen to Tom Mouse Smith and think you are listening to a soul as old as time. In reality, he has only just finished his GCSEs and was the youngest performer ever to play at the p

Live Show Etiquette

...y are then more likely to tag you also. Do as the promoter asks Do as the promoter asks (except for the things that are not acceptable from someone - see our article on ‘how to spot a fake’) We are presuming there is a promoter involved - if there is not, simply do as the venue asks of you. There are procedures that make a show run smoothly, and you are a major part of proceedings. Some things tha

Introducing: Ells Mac

...n to say "the track is about how crucial it is to respect yourself and set boundaries with whoever enters your life in order to be happy. I've set the boundary that I will not tolerate or accept any fakeness or nastiness which is something we should all do. 2020, I'm coming for you!"   We are so excited to see what Ells releases in the next year! Be sure to check out Boundaries below and whil