Our Best Tips for a Smooth Release

From getting the right audio file, the perfect cover art and securing a release date, there’s a few key steps to making sure your release goes live successfully. We sat down with Spinnup’s Artist Support Manager on Instagram Live, Lettie Ball, to chat about the best practices & tips for a smooth release!

If you missed it, we got you covered with a list of our best practices for uploading your music on Spinnup! Let’s get your release smooth sailing!


Tip #1: Be organized & take your time! 

So many things to do, so little time! How early should I plan ahead?

For a smooth uploading process, our biggest piece of advice is to have all your assets ready before you upload your track:

Audio file (waav. or FLAAC file)

Cover art 

Artist name

Release date

If possible, schedule your release date a month ahead. You’ve spent so much time perfecting this release, it’s important to put in that same effort when you upload your music! We want your music to fly high, and to reach as many people as possible.

Scheduling a release date gives you more control. You have time to promote your music, build a fanbase, and get word out before release. Time is of the essence!

We want to be there for you and make sure everything is pitch perfect. So it’s always important to give your release time!


Tip #2: Be patient when transferring music

Wait – I can transfer my songs from another distributor? What do I do? How long does it take?

If you’d like our Universal Music A&Rs to listen to your previous work, you can transfer your tracks to Spinnup – and it’s easy! Just make sure you use the exact same assets as your original release (audio file, artwork & title).

Remember to put the original release date, UPC code & ISRC code of each track.

Once the new version is live in stores, it can take 3-5 days for the stores to match your streams to the existing versions, and then ask your current distributor to take the old version down. So be patient! It WILL show up in time.

Read our detailed guide to help you transfer your music from another distributor!


Tip #3: Look out for email updates from us

Will I be updated on my release along the way?

For sure! You’ll get emails every step of the way: from order confirmation, to upload approval, and most importantly, when your release goes live. You’ll also get a linkfire URL once your song is live which has the links to all streaming stores – perfect to place in your social media bios and posts!

Read here to know more about what comes next once you’ve uploaded your release! 


Tip #4: Follow Cover Art Guidelines

What size does my cover art have to be? What can I put on my cover art?

There are various things that can slow down a release going live in stores – and a lot of it comes from problems with the artwork. To make your uploading process as easy as possible, follow our main requirements:

Image size must be at least 1500 x 1500 pixels

Do not stretch out the image to make it bigger or else it will become blurry

The only text we accept on cover art are the song title and/or artist names


Read our ultimate guide to cover art here.


Tip #5: Get a mechanical license before releasing a cover song

What counts as a cover? A mechanical license? What’s that? How do I get one?

First of all, you must clarify that your track is a cover (a recording of a song that was written, performed and commercially released by another artist previously). Make sure you also get a mechanical license (permission to reproduce a song) before releasing a cover, unless you choose not to distribute your song in the US. You would only need a mechanical license if you plan to have your cover available to listen in the US. Our legal team has already given the proper guidance in scoring one. Covers will be on hold pre-release as the legal team needs time to clear it first.

If you’re still not sure what counts as a cover, head over here to learn more!


 Tip #6: Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Who should I reach out to?

Join our Creators United Facebook Group! This is where our community of artists get together to learn from one another, get creative, provide support, and be inspired.

You could never go wrong by reaching out to our Help Center. Submit a form with any issue and someone from the Support Team will be on their way to help you out.


We hope that these tips are helpful for your release. It is important to give yourself enough space and time to get everything down to the T and be as organized as possible for a smooth release. We look forward to everything coming our way – keep doing what you do and love what you do!


Watch the full Live session with Lettie Ball on Spinnup Asia’s Instagram page to learn more: Release Tips Instagram Live