How To Add Producer Credits To Your Release

Without an album booklet or sleeve to display the full credits of your tracks – so vintage, we know – how do you add producer credits to your music? We’ve got a little workaround which can solve this.


When you upload your release on Spinnup, there’s no designated field to type in the name of your tracks’ producer/s, but…


You can still add a producer credit by including it in your track title.


How to format your release to display producer credits


All our Spinnup pros out there will know that normally we don’t allow any other information in the track titles, this is a rule set out by the stores and is one we follow in every other situation. But we make an exception for producer credits if you format it like the below

Why can I add producer credits to my track titles?


The reason we allow this is because our team will recognise this during the QC (Quality Checking) process that each and every release goes through. That’s right, every track ever released on Spinnup is listened to and checked by a real human. And when our team sees a producer credit in the track title, they will know to format the metadata in the back-end system so that when your release appears on the stores it will be displayed as just the track title, and the producer’s name will appear in the credits screen. For example, on Spotify it looks like this:


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