Music Distribution

Release your music around the world

We’ve made it easy to stream and sell your songs on the world’s biggest music platforms. Reach more fans. Push your music further.

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Grow as an Artist

Our data dashboard puts listening, social stats and sales at your fingertips. And our partnerships with music’s biggest players help your music grow. Better connections, more control.

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Get heard, get signed

As part of Universal Music, we get you heard by the right people. We work closely with labels and A&Rs, and we’ve already helped over 40 artists get signed. Will you be next?

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How to create a killer remix

Learn how to create your best remixes from how to set up a deal, choosing the right parts, and converting to your midi.

A Guide to Battling Creative Blocks


Get to know our artists in our weekly Introducing series on the blog

Top 5 Best MIDI Controllers

A round-up of the best all-rounder controllers to get you started hit making.


Unique Artists. Unique Sounds.

We love hearing new music. So, we listen to every track that gets released through Spinnup. And we handpick our favourite songs to share with the world – on playlists, on social media and on our website. Check out our Spotify playlist to hear the songs we love.