Let Lxandra stun you into silence

Spinnup’s 40th signing records a special exclusive performance of ‘Hush Hush Baby’

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Thats the number of times Vigiland have been streamed on Spotify. They were discovered on Spinnup before signing to Universal Music, and have since gone 17x Platinum in Sweden!

Introducing Spinnup's first French signing, Nelick!

We are so happy to announce our 35th artist signing, and our first Universal Music artist signing in France, Nelick!

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The Spinnup community is constantly looking for the best undiscovered artists to work with and introduce to Universal Music’s A&R team

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"In the new world of music distribution it’s hard to find the jewels. With Spinnup we can track, embrace and sign what we believe can cut through the noise” – Per Sundin, MD of Universal Music, Nordic Region.

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You’ll keep 100% of your royalties, all rights to your music and we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of your data including sales and social stats as they grow

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Release your music worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam, Pandora, Tidal and all other major stores. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get your music out there where everyone can hear it – just upload your audio and artwork and your music will be available worldwide in a few days. We’ll collect all the money your music earns and you get to keep 100% of it. You can use your online dashboard to track your data, sales, downloads and social stats.

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Our friends at Universal Music use Spinnup to hunt for the best unsigned and undiscovered artists. We have a community of music lovers that listen to tracks, contact artists they would like to work with and help them move their careers on to the next level and get a record deal. Don’t believe us? We’re currently celebrating our 44th artist signing with Universal Music.

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